Are drones tracking Rand Paul? Is the NDAA tracking you? Get this “missing” drone update:

drone on loose (2)

Senator Rand Paul criticizes drone strikes against Americans, while NDAA and political lies continue to dupe U.S. citizens

It was thought that the National Defense Authorization Act or the NDAA would not apply to American citizens, but Natural News reports that the NDAA is perfectly applicable to American citizens as in the case of other nationals. With the help of cunning use of words in the NDAA, U.S. authorities have been successful in their effort to make Americans falsely realize that the NDAA is not meant for them. However, a close study of the act reveals that by the virtue of this law U.S. authorities would be able to target individuals even if they are American citizens. More at:

The general public in America has always been subjected to political lies and hypocrisy. It was promised that there would be no tax hike, but the reality is that not only was there a tax hike, but there is a cut in salaries also. The health insurance rates that the government had promised to make more affordable have skyrocketed in recent months making it harder than before to have health insurance. The TSA that was solely created to keep the country safe from the hands of Osama is still functioning though the terrorist leader is long dead. All these things point toward how American citizens are continuously being duped by political lies. For further reading, visit:

But there is still hope. Not everyone is ready to fall prey to the ill wills of the government. At least some are there who are ready to stand against the tyrannical acts of the government. One of them is Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Natural News reports that as a man of the Constitution, Paul has vehemently criticized the issue of targeting Americans with drones that U.S. authorities are willing to push forward with. Paul is getting more and more support from U.S. citizens due to his pro-people stance. Learn more about this news at:


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