TOXIC MILK? Red alert for consumers, aspartame wreaking havoc on health

milk bad

Aspartame is reported to have caused a number of deaths in the U.S. alone and the chemical is still used in foods and beverages as artificial sweetener. Thanks to Donald Rumsfeld, the onetime head of G.D. Searle & Co. for his initiative to introduce aspartame into public life. Natural News terms the effects of aspartame as the ‘Rumsfeld Plague’ and opines that the absence of aspartame would have saved millions of lives. This artificial sweetener has been found to have direct links with cancer in rats, but is still pushed into the market by big pharmaceuticals and food corporations. In order to know more about what aspartame has done visit the link:

If you think that it is the end of aspartame, you are making a mistake. In fact, the U.S. dairy industry has submitted a petition to the FDA asking for approval of aspartame in milk without mentioning it on the label. Mike Adams reports that International Dairy Foods Association or IDFA and National Milk Producers Federation or NMPF have requested to literally alter the definition of milk in order to make room for aspartame. However, in order to keep it concealed from the public eye they have decided not to print it on the label. Learn more at:

Have you been drinking diet soda for quite some time? Do you like to chew on chewing gums? If yes, then you may have been subjected to considerable amount of aspartame by now. Natural News reports that it is time for you to get rid of the artificial sweetener and give your body room to breathe. However, the withdrawal process can be tedious but there are some ways that can help you get rid of aspartame and also prevent the disease that the chemical may breed. The first step is to stop taking all sorts of products that contain this chemical. More of it is at:

Check out more Natural News blogs reporting the truth instead of the CNN lies:


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