Food Revolution taking hold all over America! End of GMO starts now

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You can end GMO and start your healthy life right now: Follow these 5 steps to eliminate GMO from your life, and remove chemical laden products, food, drinks and candy. Do this right now and your life will change dramatically for the better. Do what I write here when you are done reading this, and your health will changle dramatically for the better. I am just a simple blogger who has done 15 years of research on chemicals in food, drinks, candy, gum, lotions, makeup, cosmetics, cigarettes and more. I am just a simple blogger with a blueprint plan of the organic way to change your life in just 24 hours. You can safely do what I tell you next and change your life for the better. These are the food revolution top 5 steps to securing your health freedom:

1. Take an empty box and walk into your bathroom(s), and look in shower, the tub, the wall cabinet, on the sink counter, and under the sink in those cabinets, and throw away everything that contains a chemical of any kind.

2. Get a second empty box and look in your refrigerator and freezer(s), and put everything that contains a chemical of any kind in that box.

3. If you have room, use that same box from part 2 for part 3, which is to look in your pantry and put everything that contains a chemical of any kind in that box, or start a new box if you run out of room with that one. Put all of your boxes in the trunk of your car or in the flatbed of your pickup truck or S.U.V.

4. Next, step 4 may require you get one more empty box, or even use a shopping bag, and go out to your car, and then to your office, and remove everything that contains a chemical and is eatable, including gum and candy, snacks and frozen meals, and put that in your trunk with the other 3 boxes from home.

5. Step five is the toughest step, because it may sound cruel, but it is actually very kind: Step 5 is to throw away everything you collected, because if you donate chemical food, drinks, and skin care products to the homeless or needy, you are making their situation worse. Don’t make other people’s lives worse, make them better. Simply dump the boxes in the closest dumpster and begin your better life. Then share what you learned with as many people as possible. This builds great karma for you (luck) and a longer life of health, wealth and happiness (natural news).

The power to choose is the greatest power in the Universe:
war on agr

The food revolution begins with you, the individual who has a brain, a heart, and a soul. You have the ability to make a choice every second of your life that you are awake. You can choose to join the revolution of health and prosperity, or you can choose what the mass media puts in front of you, and what you buy, keep, or THROW AWAY. Most people are scared to make the change, and just throw away products they “spent good money on.” But the key to life is every second. Why would you ever waste even one?

People are making the change and maintaining freedom of choice every second.
People are making the change and clearing out their stores of GMO toxic food.
Small businesses are making the change and clearing out the toxins from their inventory.

bpa in cans

Large businesses are making the change today.
Certain Government officials are fighting for that change today.

Entire cities and towns are making the change now: Breaking Good News from natural news and Mike Adams:

Sedgwick, Maine is first town to declare total food sovereignty, opposing state and federal laws! Learn more:

Food Revolution starts at home:
Launch a revolution in your backyard with a micro eco-farm

“There is a food revolution taking hold all over America, whether it is in the form of demanding labeling of GM foods, the right to produce and sell raw milk and other commodities, or – in the case of Sedgwick, Maine – declaring all local food transactions of any kind free and legal.”


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