U.S. Biometric National ID Card? Think of Minority Report meets Hitler meets Orwell’s 1984

kids in nazi camp (2)

THE BELIEVE SYSTEM is coming. Yes. That’s your new Nazi stamp, your tattoo, the scan of your iris, or your pupil, the window to your soul. Yes, the U.S. Government is considering it, the hand scan, the mark of the “beast,” something to track all these “useless” zombies who need to stop whining and work more hours, pay more taxes, and do what they’re told. This is not the first attempt at registering all humans in the country for complete control. It’s been tried before and it FAILED MISERABLY. Get ready everybody.

THE BELIEVE SYSTEM is coming. Yes it is. The re-education system. You see, Hitler’s camps showed the Jews “what” they needed to believe in. He needed a scapegoat. He wanted a “perfect race.” He was insane!

So now, join forces of the DHS, TSA, ATF, and DEA and plug them into THE BELIEVE SYSTEM DATABASE. It’s that simple. Easier than writing a ticket for speeding! Now the blueprint plan for control of the primitive masses, who will eat GMO and use their AFFORDABLE CARE Act, well those zombies can bow down and accept the new leaders are here to stay, right.

This is the New World Order Bush Senior longed for, but he just couldn’t get it done in 8 years. This is the silent but deadly war being fought in America, as the news talks about everything else flashing before the screen, like some useless hearing on gun control.

“The micro-processing chip on the card would store the biometric identifier.” Congratulations America, you’re about to get chipped! After that, you may hear about legislation to put a chip under your skin, near that scanned hand, so the signals can be sent out to you, you know, when you “step out of line.”

If you think this is a stretch or pushing conspiracy theory, you don’t have to do anything to prove or disprove it, just read what’s being signed into law:




Natural News is reporting the following as proposed to Obama for the “free country” called America: “A biometric national ID card that would force workers to submit to a fingerprint, hand, or iris scan. Any worker failing to comply with this biometric tracking mandate, would be terminated from their job.”

The program would be titled the “Believe System,” an acronym for Biometric Enrollment, Locally stored Information and Electronic Verification of Employment.

You can help end the madness. Yes. You can; Natural News connects you to freedom:


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