Rogue police, media hypnosis—America becoming a lawless country fast

kids locked into tv (2)

America used to be a dreamland for many but it seems that the dreams are shuttering or rather, turning into nightmares. It may sound bizarre but it is a fact that law has been abandoned in the country so that anyone can get a license to kill anyone in the country. In fact, it has been demonstrated in a very clear manner by the Los Angeles Police Department that opened fire at two women needlessly. Natural News opines that Los Angeles is going to turn into a war zone with the police doing nothing other than killing its own enemies and general people. Know more at: .

One of the most sophisticated tricks in this overall decadence is being played by none other than the media itself. Mike Adams opines that the modern media houses in America have literally kept the American citizens hypnotized so that they can stay away from reality. The mainstream media carefully manipulates the truth and presents a lie that seems to be the truth. Right from the fire that burned Christopher Dorner to the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition by the U.S. government, mainstream media has deftly kept the reality away from public eyes. More of this news is covered at: .

It is true that literally everything in American society is rigged, but it needs to be fought back. Natural News evinces a few simple ways that can help a U.S. citizen get rid of the plague in the society. If each and every citizen of the United States makes use of these ways, he or she can lead a healthy life. Rejection of GMO foods and vaccines would help American citizens maintain a sound health. U.S. citizens should keep in mind that the rigged system is not unbeatable. Know more on this by visiting:

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