Mandatory “third world healthcare” coming in October to the United States, or is it?

How does a government infect the masses with toxic food, toxic water, and toxic skin care, and then sport the bill for healthcare? They don’t. It’s a scam. And how does Big Government issue toxic medications across the board, and sport the bill when everyone gets sicker and begins dying? They don’t. It’s a scam. Emergency rooms are nightmares! They are dirty and careless, and the bill can run over $10,000 for one night. Cancer treatments can run over $300,000 before most patients die of the disease being treated – which is caused by the very medicine being used. This is documented very well:

What is meant by Third World Healthcare? Do they mean dirty needles? Do they mean bacteria breeding in the hospitals? Do they mean that you check into a hospital and never check out, except to be buried? Do they mean thousands of patients being half treated by a few overwhelmed doctors and nurses? Yes. Does third world mean the government can’t afford to take care of the sick properly? Yes. It does. And what is America becoming, since the hospitals are becoming chronic care management facilities, where viruses are bred and injected into arms, and surgery and radiation often spread cancer, and where chemotherapy is a quack science dating back to the Nazi scientists who tested dangerous chemicals on Jews like they were lab rats? America is becoming a third world healthcare nightmare, like one BIG facility for the sick. And who is sporting the bill? Do you think “Affordable Care” means you will be able to afford your own slow painful death in a hospital, or do you think Obamacare will pay for it? Does it matter, if you’re not being treated to live a quality life? Does it really matter who is paying the bill, if you are miserable and getting worse? Shouldn’t you be looking into health care which actually cares about your health, and doesn’t use dangerous toxins to treat chemically driven diseases and disorders?

Natural News is reporting; “Mirage of ‘care’ in Obamacare fades as system plunges toward ‘third-world experience’”

Learn more:

Are you suffering from Artificial Sweetener Disease? Millions of Americans are, so maybe you are too? You need to know what causes it, so you can cure it yourself, and not check into a third world hospital in the U.S.

Are you suffering from Nicotine addiction? The CDC doesn’t care. The FDA doesn’t care. Obama doesn’t care. But the Health Ranger does care and has a natural cure ready for you:

Are you suffering from hoax vaccines and toxic flu shots? Mike Adams has solutions for you, to detoxify your system and get natural and organic fast:

Check into natural remedies, not chronic care lies! The global remedy investigator has more on this:


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