Attack of the hapless stooges! Gun control means gun expansion “underground”

zombie hands

Get ready everybody, they’re coming. Actually, I should say, they are being stood up like scarecrows, and they will be shot down before your very eyes. Who are “they” you ask?
“They” are the hapless stooges, the zombies being used to stage violence to support gun control and martial law in America. “They” are the zombies, who live their lives in the dirt, eating genetically modified food and getting injected with bacteria and virus combinations loaded with brain killing chemicals. “They” are the zombies who are mentally still alive enough to know when tyrants are coming for their land and their guns. “They” are the zombies who may have fog brain, but can aim a rifle well enough to shoot the dictator’s men who come for their children. “They” are the zombies, who are getting their money stolen, who are being stripped of freedom, and they are the slaves who are rising up.

You see, when criminals are “getting away with murder” and begin realizing they are about to be caught, they become desperate. The politicians, global bankers, and the gun grabbing thugs of the government realize they are cheating the system so badly that the general public is waking up. This is like realizing all the zombies are about to crawl out of their graves while you’re standing in the middle of the largest cemetery in America at midnight during a full moon.

Prohibition failed miserably!

The war on drugs has failed miserably!

The war on cancer is a complete hoax!

Gun control will fail miserably!

The Bill of Rights may be dead on paper, but it’s alive in the spirits and minds of the oppressed, and it’s hiding and loading its weapons, aiming it at the traitors, the sellouts, the hypocrites, the gun control freaks. The zombies are crawling out of their boxes in the dirt and raging against the machine.

Public Notice:
Wanted! Politicians, global bankers and gun grabbing thugs! –
For defiance and treason! For attempted nullification the Constitution of the U.S.
Rewards given for leads to their capture. Bonus front row seats to sentencing at stadiums. All public stonings will be aired on pay per view! Tune in to your cable provider! All proceeds to help with mortgage crisis and bring down inflation.

InfoWars and Natural News have more coverage:

Second Amendment crumbling … Radical new laws in Connecticut and Maryland.
Also, U.N. Arms Trade Treaty passes;


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