Natural News exposes DHS’s effort to cover up its bulk purchase of ammunitions

hollowpoints (2)
It was being reported for quite some time that the Department of Homeland Security or DHS and other top U.S. law enforcement authorities have been secretly making bulk purchase of ammunitions. Natural News now reveals several purchase orders have been passed in order to buy millions of rounds of hollow point bullets. These bullets are prohibited in war by Geneva Convention and therefore it is quite evident that they will be used by the U.S. government against its own citizens. Hollow point bullets inflict more injury on human body than any other type of bullet.

The DHS is citing the excuse of saving taxpayers money in order to justify such a bulk purchase. But, Mike Adams opines that had it been the real motive of the government, it would have purchased some other types of bullets and certainly not hollow point bullets that are far more devastating and deadly. The DHS obviously denied any such plan to buy ammunitions in the first place, but once the truth came into light they quickly changed their color and started to work for a cover up. Know more of this at

It is reported that the U.S. government has placed an order for Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity of .40 caliber ammunitions to the ammunitions manufactures ATK. The contract spans for five years in which ATK needs to supply almost 450 million rounds of ammunitions to different government agencies. The company has itself accepted the truth of the news in its own website. The delivery of the ammunitions was likely to start in December 2012 and by now the U.S. government authorities have already got hold of millions of rounds that they are likely to use on none other than U.S. citizens themselves, reports Natural News. To know more of this news log on to .


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