ATF is taking the help of mentally retarded men for committing gun crimes

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According to Natural News, there are various measures that the ATF is taking nowadays to give results to their crimes related with gun dealing. They now cannot find common and real people who are willing to take part in their hideous crime and thus, they are taking help of mentally retarded men for committing gun crimes. The most recent incident revolves around a black man named, Chauncey Wright who is mentally retarded. During his tender age, Chauncey nearly lost his life by getting drowned and this gave rise to less transfusion of oxygen inside his brain. This finally caused permanent brain damage.
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Wright is quite unaware of the dreadful incident he has gotten himself into. He is given bribes of merchandise, cigarettes and money for committing such heinous crimes. This is the latest news from Journal Sentinel. It is now more than 6 months that the federal agents are entirely relying upon Chauncey Wright while dealing with distribution of fliers as he recommends the related stores to family members, friends and even strangers. At one point of time, the legal authorities shut down the campaign and charged him with drug counts and for dealing with federal guns.

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As per Natural News, this is the way in which the U.S government is working out. In place of dealing with just gun criminals, the government is providing illegal guns to the drug dealers of Mexico. It is quite different from the time when the ATF used to trick little children with candies. Now, they are taking the help of retarded patients to work for them which is even nastier. Now the main question that needs to be answered is that why the ATF people aren’t arrested for their illegal and dreadful works? There is no answer though.


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