Natural News prediction comes true as bitcoin bubble bursts


Just a few days ago Mike Adams predicted that the bitcoin market is highly unstable and can crash any time soon. Just a day after the prediction, news starts streaming in that the bitcoin has crashed more than 50 percent, raising serious questions about the sustainability of the U.S. economy. Those who relied on bitcoin are now completely against it due to the extreme volatility of the currency. Traders who accepted bitcoin have seen that they can lose a huge amount within a few hours. This has harmed the reputation of bitcoin to a large extent. Know more at .

Globalists are likely to take advantage of the situation and would be relentless in their effort to outlaw bitcoin, reports Natural News. It is true that central banks across the globe hate decentralized currencies like bitcoin as it does not give them a chance to pilfer bank accounts like the event in Cyprus where thousands of savings account holders have been forced to incur a loss only to make up for the callous economic policy of the government. In fact, the government wants bitcoin to fail but the truth is under current economic scenario sticking to a decentralized currency is more important than ever. More of the news is reported at .

Petro-dollar is also in no better position. According to Natural News there is a chance of petroleum producing countries switching to currencies other than dollar thus drastically reducing the value of dollar. If you think that the U.S. government is going to sit idle and accept this you are probably making a mistake. In fact, there is a probability that the government would send in troops and stage a war once again in order to have the rein of petroleum currency in its hand. More at .

Is someone or some “thing” putting fire under your hot air balloon? What entity in America is about to devalue your dollar, your hard earned savings?

First came the PLANNED housing bubble, yes, then the bitcoin bubble, what’s next? What planned bubble burst is on its way, and who has insurance against it?

Printing money has the same effect; it just takes longer for the bottom to “drop out”

The U.S. dollar is being devalued, and inflation is looming. Stay tuned for the Feds and Bernanke to “Bitcoin” the U.S. dollar. Bulk up your assets now and protect yourself. Use your savings to buy storable food that is organic and pure. Store water and organic seeds and soil also, you will need it when the shelves at the stores go empty in the “big panic.”

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