5 Immunity Builders no “Western MD” Doctors dare talk about with their patients


How does an unethical doctor keep you coming back? He/she keeps you in the dark about nutrition and natural remedies.

How does an ethical doctor help you so you can be healthy and NOT have to come back? He/she tells you about nutrition and natural remedies!

Blog sites are talking about it. Major alternative media outlets have long term research on it. It’s time to do some review: Question:

So, what do you know about medicinal mushrooms, colloidal silver, oregano oil and turmeric? You should contact a Naturopathic Physician and/or talk to a Nutritionist! Learn how to protect and build your health and fitness naturally. Get the update at Health Ranger update blog and links to research on this:


Find natural remedies that work! Organic and natural from the Health Ranger Mike Adams and the Natural News Store:






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