Nexus between government and corporations leaves common people fighting for life

There has always been a concern regarding the use of GMO in foods and it is a well known fact at present that GMOs cause deadly diseases like cancer in the human body. But there is hardly any initiative from the government in order to restrain the spread of GMO foods in the market. Natural News reports that on the contrary Michael Taylor, who previously served as the attorney and the Vice President of Monsanto, the firm accused of spreading GMOs in the market, has been appointed as the policy chief of the Food and Drug Administration. Read more of this at .

If you think that the big corporations’ deceit ends with GMOs you are far away from the reality. The reality is corporations like Nestle are seeking to control the supply of water in the world. In a recent interview the company’s CEO Peter Brabeck has stated that all water sources in this world should be under the control of the government or big corporations, reports Natural News. Though his statement has met with vehement criticisms from all strata of society, it has pointed out the real objective of multinational corporations— the objective to rule human life. Know more of this news at .

So, it is only a matter of time before corporations like Nestle claim their ownership over sources of water. If you have to avoid falling prey to their intrigues you have to make your own arrangements. Find a natural spring with the help of and secure a source of uncontaminated, pure and natural water. This would help you decrease your dependence on the packaged drinking water provided by companies like Nestle. Time has come to work together in order to protect the personal rights and freedom from the clutches of the government and multinational corporations.


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