Nuclear disaster in Fukushima causes havoc on normal human life

tsunami fish

Fukushima in Japan was hit by a tsunami a couple of years ago. The water has receded but the scars that the tsunami has left will take centuries to heal. Natural News reports that the nuclear disaster that followed the earthquake and the tsunami has contaminated the whole are. Almost 50 percent of the total number of children in Fukushima are now suffering from thyroid disorders. Though the local authority is blaming the overconsumption of sea foods by children for this problem, it is quite evident that the nuclear disaster is the main culprit. Know more at .

The disaster has also upset the ecological balance in the region. According to Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the seafood in the region is likely to remain contaminated for the next 10 years. Recent studies show that the level of radioactivity in the fishes caught from the adjoining water bodies is the same as it was a couple of years ago. This has underscored the possibility of an undetected and continuous leakage of radioactive elements into the water, reports Natural News. Ken Buesseler opines that the radiation level should have gone down a little in these two years, which means seafood from the region should be kept away from dining plates for quite some time. Read the complete story at .

It is true that human beings have done enough damage to nature and to themselves as well. But there are many who want to live a healthy life in spite of the fact that health and life are gradually going far from each other. For such people Mike Adams suggests the use of superfoods. These superfoods are grown in natural ways and are devoid of toxins and chemicals. They are excellent radiation detox agents and can fill the body with essential minerals. Get an idea about the superfoods at .


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