Destroy the myths: Freedom in the U.S. seems to be a farfetched idea

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Freedom in the U.S. seems to be a farfetched idea as the government violates the Bill of Rights.
The United States was always considered to be a free state, probably the freest of all. But as the U.S. society progresses, the government is becoming more and more relentless in its efforts to control and confine the life of Americans. The Bill of rights has been sent to the grave with the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act or the NDAA that would enable the U.S. military to detain, torture and even kill American citizens in the name of national security, reports Natural News. In order to know more on this, visit .

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA, another move towards thwarting public freedom, has been passed by the House led by Republicans. However, President Obama has that he would use his veto power to stop this law from taking effect, though it is unclear what difference his veto would make, reports Natural News. CISPA would allow the government to get access to internet users’ database which can be catastrophic in wrong hands. The major telecommunication companies who provide internet services do not have any problem with this new law as they would be able to gain a lot by favoring the government. Know more at .

The scope of freedom in the U.S. seems to be squeezing day by day. Those who raise their voice in favor of public freedom are either disappearing or having a mysterious death. Aaron Swartz, who happened to be a visionary internet activist, was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn. Official reports state that Aaron committed suicide but his death is entirely shrouded in mystery. According to Mike Adams, Aaron was targeted by the system itself as his activities have stopped the government several times from implementing what it though right. More of this is at .

Tune in to natural news. Don’t be a zombie led by a corrupt system!


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