Silent Killer “Bisphenol-A” approved again by FDA: Truth about BPA revealed

Recent Studies State Chemical In Plastic Liquid Containers Contain Tox

Bisphenol-A, or BPA in short, has been a hot topic of discussion for quite some time now. It is widely used nowadays in dental fillings, adhesives, food and drink cans and thousands of other materials that come into direct human contact in everyday life. However, the truth remains that BPA is extremely harmful to human health. Most of the independently funded researches have concluded that BPA almost invariably results in causing diseases, cancer and infertility in human body. However, this harmful substance is still largely being used in the United States and is continuously being produced by companies like Bayer and Dow. Know more about this at .

The horror does not stop here; instead it has extended to the level of harming even babies and infants. Things that are used to feed a baby, like baby bottles and sippy cups, are lined with BPA. Moreover, the lids of baby food jars and the cans that hold ready-to-feed substances are also found to have significant amount of BPA. Continuous exposure to BPA may give rise to breast cancer and prostate cancer at a later stage of life apart from obesity, cardiac diseases and early puberty. Read more at .

However, the government seems to be unmoved about all these facts and is interested to give BPA a clean chit (voucher). Natural News reports that the Food and Drug Administration has refused to ban BPA and has even opined that the chemical is safe if consumed within the specified level. This indifferent attitude of the government is going to do no good to the general public. According to Natural News the FDA’s stance on BPA cannot be trusted! Researchers produce results that are quite contrary to the claims made by the rogue government agency. More of this is at .


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