Welch’s “family farmer owned” fruit juice exposed as a fraud! It’s really 80% GMO corn syrup slow death

gmo apple

Parents try to do the right thing. They try to give their kids fruit juices and vitamins, to counter all that junk food, and give their kids a fighting chance at living a healthy childhood, free from disease and disorder. Those same parents take their kids to the doctor, and get vaccines, flu shots, and antibiotics to prevent or heal sicknesses, and they give their kids flintstone vitamins, and chewable vitamin C, and maybe some protein bars, but they’re doing it all wrong, and they are perpetuating disease instead of preventing it.

Wow, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives added to that cancer causing High Fructose GMO Corn Syrup and Tap Water, which also contains toxic pest killing fluoride. 80% of these “love” juices, as promoted by the seller/manufacturer. Will you love the chemotherapy treatments later on? Will you love the radiation treatments later on in life? Will your kids?

HFCS is big business. Corn syrup and diabetes are big businesses in America. They warn you about it, then the sell it undercover! They warn you about HFCS, then they put 80% of it in products and call it “family farm owned” and “love juice.”

Most mainstream juices, vitamin C, multivitamins, and fruit chew snacks are GMO and cause cancer and diabetes. Have no doubts whatsoever, GMO means that bug killer and weed killer is in the food, in the “vitamins” and in your cells, warping them, causing them to multiply uncontrollably, and all the food scientists know this.

The FDA and the CDC have little control, and they don’t even want control. What they do is open the door for the bad guys, they leave the door open, for food manufacturers to create toxic products that say they’re good for you, and then these same politicians and lobbyists invest their money in the cancer treatment industry. It’s a huge circle of shame and deceit, and the fake “war on cancer” and “war on diabetes” ensues.
Natural News covers this corn industry “cancer” on fruit juices: “Deceptive labeling pushes more high fructose corn syrup to children:
“Welch’s fruit juice cocktails are depicted as if they were nothing but fruit juice. The photos, descriptive text and website text all imply they are made of nothing other than fruit juices. Nowhere on the product front label, website or promotional materials is corn depicted at all.”
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040151_Welchs_fruit_juice_high_fructose_corn_syrup.html#ixzz2S8xbYdwt


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