Education in modern America is recycling dogmatic lies

columbus pillage (2)
The best way to rule people is to keep them stuck to a specific dogma beyond which they would not dare to venture. Perhaps the best way of achieving this is taking the general public through such an education system that will inculcate the dogma deep into their minds. Natural News reports that the U.S. government has started to make use of such a method, as it has already stepped forward to educate the children in the U.S. with ideas that are essentially socialist in nature. Most of the states more or less “signed up” for this new curriculum, but many of them are now opting out, after gaining a clear view of the consequences of such and education system. More at .

It is not a new practice in the world. In fact, governments across the globe have taken resort to this method from time to time in order to push forward with their own objectives. Adolf Hitler, for example, made use if the dilapidated condition of post World War I Germany to educate Germans that he was their the true messiah and that only he could lead them to glory. The atrocities of Nazi rule that followed in Germany is no more unknown to the world. The holocaust of the Jews, the slaughter of the Russians and the oppression on the French, all started with a simple yet deceptive education and brainwashing process. Read more of this at .

The history of America is also in no way free of bloodshed and brutality. According to Natural News, Christopher Columbus, a divine figure for many Americans, started his conquest of America without showing any mercy to the Native Americans who had been protecting the land and its resources for centuries. This article clearly points out how the Spanish settlers looted the land and brought down a reign of terror on the Native Americans only to secure their own ends. The irony is that in the schools of the United States, Christopher Columbus is cast as a hero!


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