How can you quit smoking forever, without medication? Natural News inside story

celebrateDid you know that one half of all the smokers in the world want to quit right now but don’t know how? What’s worse is that 95 percent of smokers who quit smoking without some form of help will return to the cancer-causing habit within six months. These are dismal statistics, and there is more than one good reason for the massive failure of programs to help smokers quit and stay smoke-free for life. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of all stop smoking choices, including acupuncture, hypnosis, “cold turkey,” e-cigs or electronic cigarettes, Chantix and Zyban medications, scare tactics like commercials, problems with the patch and nicotine gum, lack of nutrition advice, and finally organic tobacco as a means of weaning off nicotine. The “e-cig” craze has died down, and though some people use electronic cigarettes to eliminate many of the chemicals found in commercial cigarettes from their intake, people are figuring out that the nicotine addiction often continues as “programmed,” and nicotine still imposes major dangers for the filtering organs, including the liver and kidneys, which you cannot live without. Research shows that e-cigs were never intended to help people quit smoking in the first place. (

Scary advertisements don’t work. The nicotine patch delivers about .9 milligrams of nicotine steadily over the day. This is nothing at all like the commercial cigarette, which can deliver over 100mg of nicotine potency in just one cigarette, that’s loaded up with ammonia vapors, sending the nicotine burst to the heart and brain in just three seconds! (

The comprehensive plan of 14AndOut, a one-hour instructional video which comes with a nutritional guide, addresses chemical knowledge and the addiction, then covers behavior modification, such as breathing techniques, hand to mouth habits, and environment changes, and finally helps the smoker stay away from cancer sticks forever with what the program calls the “yellow brick road” of nutrition. Also, organic tobacco is just one of the keys to 14AndOut’s success. The program recommends smokers turn away completely from commercial cigarettes immediately upon finishing the 60-minute video presentation, and buy organic tobacco and “roll your own” organic cigarettes, up to three per day, for the remaining two weeks. This removes the 4,000 chemicals from the smoking “equation” and allows for some weaning, by removing the shock of the 14 “cold turkey” days, hence the name 14AndOut.

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