Deceit in the hands of government organizations

chem soap
The FDA seems to have become a useless authority of drugs approval with new sets of discoveries every year. The U.S. based organization is facing severe charges in the hands of public forums and lawsuits for being careless about certain drugs inception in food and other items of daily use. One if the most discerning factors is that a drug like Triclosan is being used in over 75% of hand soaps. Natural News reports that the constant exposure to any such agent of this chemical result in lower levels of testosterone and estrogen in human body. Any such changes from the normal levels would hamper reproductive organs, developmental issues, thyroid functions and mood swings and alterations.

However, the FDA has recently declared that the governing body of FDA has outdated, rejected and warned the use of Triclosan as a chemical in drugs and other items. It seems that the drafted reviews dating back to 1978 have detailed instructions of Triclosan being an improper and unsuitable drug for consumer use. Natural News has revealed that the FDA authorities never took any stern action against such chemical use of Triclosan. In fact, FDA has been self-contradictory by approving the use of Triclosan in Colgate Active Toothpaste in 1997. Moreover, the chemical is not being found to be a good sanitizer in soaps either. You can read more on this at

Did you know that the chemical known as mustard gas was used in both World Wars as a weapon for destruction is now being used in chemotherapy? Did you even know that new generation of blood–thinning drugs are nothing but a weird combination of pig intestine and rat poison? There are physicians who would never undergo chemotherapy therapies at the risk of their own life but would easily ask their patients to undergo such treatments at the cost of higher monetary value. The non organic foods are affected by Zylkon-B that was used by Hitler to bring down death upon Jews during his regime. A book titled 25 Amazing Facts about the Hidden History of Medicine has all the information. You can get more information on these topics at:


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