Tornado tears Oklahoma apart, Natural News offers help

tornado (2)

Tornados are nothing new in the United States, so then what is the reason of such devastation that the recent tornado in Oklahoma managed to cause? The only reason is that people in America have long abandoned the practice of preparing themselves against tornados. The tornado, that killed dozens of people in Oklahoma, was a mile wide and gathered a wind speed of 200 miles per hour. It is true that a tornado cannot be stopped but preparation can be taken well in advance. According to Natural News timely preparedness against tornados can save most of the people who otherwise would have fallen victim to the rage of the storm. Know more on this at .

The tornado in Oklahoma has left a large number of people dead and even a larger number homeless. Natural News has come forward with a pledge to help the tornado victims. It has decided to deliver $10,000 of relief supplies to the people whose homes and livelihood have been erased from the face of the earth. It is reported that all the relief supplies would consist of organic foods devoid of toxic chemicals and additives. It has already started the preparations to take the help to the victims as soon as possible. To know more on this article visit .

So, what would you do if tomorrow you have to face such a situation? Would you rely on when relief comes or would prefer to have your own provisions ready so that you do not have to depend on anyone? It is needless to mention that making your own arrangements would be better. You can get quality organic foods at the Natural News store where most of the products are provided at a discounted price. It is wise to shop online for these products, especially when they’re thoroughly researched by the Health Ranger himself, who has nutrition degree and vast knowledge and experience, including USDA organic approval.

Visit to take a look at the products and make a purchase according to your requirements.


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