Freedom of speech reigns supreme! Natural News talks about natural immunity and sharing information on the internet

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The first amendment applies to talking about or writing intelligent interpretations about our surroundings, what affects our lives, our livelihood, and our environment. In the United States, the standards for medicine are so corrupt right now that “more money” is the only rule, the ONE motive for “business,” not honesty, integrity, science or ethics. Since WWII, everything has been driven by a corrupt pharmaceutical “system” set up to brainwash people into believing they need lab made pills to feel normal and 30 to 40 injections of some mixed batch of bacteria and chemicals that somehow create immunity to all the very scary “diseases.” This has guided food down a destructive path, to feed the sickness and the profits. Now the powers that be don’t want ANYONE ELSE talking about it in negative ways, denouncing it, breaking down the lies, or SHARING IT on the social media sites.

But there are doctors on social media sites; there are highly intelligent doctors who talk and share the facts, the real studies, the real research that tries to heal people, not profit from their sicknesses. Yes, there are brilliant doctors who know the truth and who are sharing what they learn, every day. Doctors like Naturopathic Physicians, Chiropractors and Nutritionists with Master’s Degrees, and University Professors who have NOT sold out to a corrupt system. There are these groups talking in focus groups (real peer reviews), sharing those videos and chats and blogs and podcasts and skype and radio shows with each other. And then there are the millions who share those doctor talks, those videos, those “chats.” Those scientist chats about vaccines and the great hoaxes of our time. Those focus groups that discuss how vaccine manufacturers test their own concoctions and report success to the FDA and the CDC, no matter the results. There are health enthusiasts who talk about intellectual property and plant and human genes, and how they should never allowed to be patented.

And then there are the phenominal journalists and reporters, and the film makers! These are the ones who share the natural news with the nation and the world. At least 30% of the citizens of the USA are not total zombies lost in the Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Agriculture wasteland. What if 21% more wake up, and snap out of the fog, will they realize it all one day on YouTube, or Twitter, or Facebook? How will they get the information they need to change sides, and join the organic human beings? GMO is not HUMAN. It violates the laws of nature and gives you cancer. Eating pesticide, insecticide and herbicide is ludicrous. People are sharing this in videos on social media:
“Even farm animals refuse to eat GMOs”

“Hey everybody, check out this!” … link, link, link.

Wait, did you just say something, or did you post it? Did you post something someone else said, or did you post something someone else wrote? Did you do some research and post it, or is it really even research? Have YOU studied this for 20 years? Did you write a book about it and get published? What if you source something very well, but change what it says a little, say, paraphrase it, because you’re a little more educated in the subject, but choose not to talk to the people who are “selling” the idea differently? Where does the first amendment not apply? If someone slanders someone and you share it, that’s like provoking a riot, isn’t it? What if politicians and vaccine pushers post a complete lie, and you share it? What if those same liars got caught lying red-handed, and you wrote about it on your blog, before they lied, while they thought they were right, and when they got busted for scheming.

Who’s in trouble there? Did you just post what the president said, or what the tea party said? Did you just say something intelligent about how both sides lie and get caught? Did you mention the $20 trillion debt in some negative way, or the corrupt IRS in the same sentence you mentioned Biotech, or the DHS, or worse yet, vaccines?! Maybe you mentioned how natural remedies work and have worked for centuries before the AMA stopped teaching MDs about nutrition.

Get Natural Immunity, not Lab-Made fake immunity: Read about Turmeric:

Mike Adams and Natural News are defending the Bill of Rights. They are being challenged as you read, speak, write and share your intelligent thoughts. Tune in:

“According to new reports, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed scientists in both the United States and Great Britain have jointly developed a computerized global monitoring system capable of tracking all social media activity around the world that defies mainstream vaccine dogma, and reporting it directly to authorities.”
Learn more:


“The mainstream media has a lousy reputation for upholding the Bill of Rights, especially when it comes to the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms, the Fourth Amendment’s right to privacy and the Tenth Amendment’s limitation on federal power. But when an imperial president wielding an imperial bureaucracy tramples on the First Amendment – look out: the media viciously guards its First Amendment right freedom of the press.”

During an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation” program on Sunday, May 19, the AP chief said the government has stepped way out of bounds by monitoring its newsgathering activities.

Learn more:


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