Clear mandate against fluoridation of water in Portland

The battle against fluoridation of water has been largely won by those who do not want the water to be fluoridated. Natural News reports that in Portland, Oregon most of the people have expressed their dissent against the fluoridation of water in the city. The residents of Portland had formed a group to campaign against the fluoridation of water. The authorities tried to push forward with fluoridation propagating that fluoride is actually good for health. But, it seems that the residents of Portland have not been duped by that false propagation as they have made it clear that they do not want to be fed with fluoridated water.

There has been an effort from the authorities to establish the false idea that fluoride is safe as it occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust. If this absurd idea is to be endorsed, mercury and arsenic that occur naturally are also to be considered safe. Hence, it is quite clear that such an idea is nothing but a method of pushing a harmful chemical into the life of the general people. Such an act was meant to suffer defeat and it did. According to Natural News, the people of Portland have opened a new vista in the nationwide fight against fluoridation of water. Know more at .

Such a success has been made possible with the active participation of a large number of people. The campaign launched by has largely been able to make people understand the deadly effects of water fluoridation. As a result a staggering 60.5 percent of people have said ‘NO’ to fluoridation in contrast to only 39.4 percent who said ‘YES’. The organization has revealed that the cavity rate in Portland is much lower than fluoridated cities of Oregon, thus bursting the myth associated with fluoride.


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