Natural News Tracker: Tracking U.S. Legalization of Industrial Hemp

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For a long time hemp has been put to the public as one of the most dreaded narcotics that is nothing less than heroine or LSD. But as it turns out, hemp has got nothing to do with narcotics, an initiative has been taken to legalize industrial hemp production so as to put an end to a number of problems. Natural News reports that several senators like Rand Paul have taken positive initiatives to legalize industrial hemp production, quite contrary to what has been done so far. Though the Controlled Substances Act quite mistakenly records hemp as a Schedule I drug, it is now reported that hemp has nothing to do with narcotics. Know more on this at

Hemp is nothing new to the world. It has been used by different civilizations around the world and throughout history and is one of the first domesticated plants in the world. According to it is used to manufacture textiles, paper, biodegradable plastics, health foods and even fuel. Hence hemp can be of immense importance for countries like the United States. Most of the hemp production in the world comes from China, though a majority is exported to the U.S., where it is held as illegal.

If you think that the U.S. needs a feasible way of sustaining itself right now AND in the future you should support the legalization of industrial hemp. The movement started by Natural News has gained pace. This is a golden opportunity to bring hemp out of the obscurity of misconceptions and let people know about the real advantages of the plant. If you think that you should be a part of this unprecedented movement, just log on to the official website of the U.S. senate that is and express your opinion right to the Senator of your area, thus doing your part in making hemp a legal product in the U.S.

It only takes a minute to log on and send your comments on this.


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