Natural remedies instead of vaccines can protect people from unidentified and deadly diseases

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A deadly new virus, known as the Middle East Respiratory Symptom Coronavirus, in short MERS-CoV has become the talk of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector of late. Its source is unidentified as is its method of transmission and so it has resulted in killing almost 50 percent of the people that it had affected so far. According to Natural News the symptom starts with flu-like complications such as mild upper respiratory tract infection with cough and difficulty in breathing but soon develops in to Pneumonia and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome requiring an immediate hospitalization. Know more on this at .

Though vaccines prepared from the “convalescent plasma” taken from the blood of MERS-CoV survivors are used to treat the disease, they do not yield much result. In fact vaccines are not only ineffective in almost every kind of disease, but they also increase the chances of dying. According to Gaia Health vaccines are responsible for increasing the child mortality rate by at least 50 percent, which is quite alarming at present. In the last 20 years a large number of children have fallen prey to multiple vaccine doses, resulting in almost 103,500 extra deaths. More of this report is at .

The only way to fight viruses like MERS-CoV is to add more strength to the immunity of the human body. Natural News offers a host of products, produced naturally and devoid of any toxic agents in order to help people boost up their immunity. All these products are available at from where buyers can easily buy these products at affordable prices. Most of the products are available at a discounted price so that buyers can always be economical. Manufactured by completely organic and natural process, these products are perfectly designed to boost up the immunity against deadly diseases.


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