Shocking news related with GMOs


According to Natural News, Russia has banned the use of all the GMOs, officially which are imported. The main reason is the recent research work on rats which resulted in large size tumors on different parts of the body when fed on the GMO crops from Monsanto for a lifetime. This research was led by French Researchers. According to a consumer protection group from Russia namely Rospotrebnadzor, it has been stated that the importing of GM corns are halted while the Institute of Nutrition deals with the results of the research works. It has also been found out that the large cancer tumors only tend to grow when the rats reach their adulthood.
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Again, South Korea also joined the adventure and banned GMOs corns which are imported from the U.S.
The USDA recently announced that the wheat grown in the USA (up to 15 states) is mainly contaminated by the genetically engineered wheat produced by Monsanto. The negative aspects of GMO corns are spreading like burning fire and globally. U.S farmers can see the economical damage that the Monsanto crops are doing and this can lead to nothing but fatal diseases like cancer. Now, every farmer who is using such crops is sure to lose a large amount of money as these crops are rejected all over the world.

It means that Monsanto is leading the U.S farmers towards bankruptcy.

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After Russia and South Korea, it is Japan who now cancelled a large bulk of U.S wheat because of the negative impacts it creates on everyone’s life. According to Natural News, it has been proven several times that Monsanto’s GMO crops will easily devastate the wheat farmers of the U.S. They are going to lose millions of dollars by producing wheat. An open field experiment was held from 1998 – 2005 which showed the negative results well.
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