China destroying U.S. Genetically “mutated” corn shipments; they must not like cancer in China

food borne disease

Just WHO do you think you are China? The U.S. is trying to HELP you. We help everybody in the world, spread good food and democracy. Are you saying our food isn’t good enough for you? Why would you destroy staple food, like corn, or soy, or wheat? You didn’t hear some rumor from Japan and South Korea about the wheat did you? Don’t worry. Biotech America is taking care of that wiki-style leak. Those seeds of information that “got out.” “According to Chinese law, any import containing GMOs must be accompanied by the appropriate environmental and food safety tests conducted by Chinese institutions, not the biotechnology industry.” Who’s paying for cancer treatment in China, is it the Government or the taxpaying citizens? Does the government there otherwise pollute the food, water, and rice, like we do here, to drive business at the hospitals, the “place to die.” That’s what hospital means in Latin you know, place to die.

What’s a bio-safety committee? Should we have one in USA, or would drones shoot it down, or Feds raid the facility and burn all the documents? China must be “old school” because they seem to still have checks and balances in the food safety industry. Wow. We haven’t seen that in the U.S. in about 50 years. I think it was Donald Rumsfeld that really drove the stake into that “heart.” MSG and Aspartame are like hot dogs and apple pie in America. “Play ball!”

But wait a second! China does like certain GMO products. I wonder if theirs have bug, weed and worm killer inside the plants and being sprayed on top, like ours? Hmmmm. Very curious. Time to look into this:

Yes, indeed, it checks out: “China has commercialized five GM plants domestically since 1997 (cotton, tomato, sweet pepper, petunia and papaya).” Look, it’s the NBC of China! And they have the “news” on GMO infestation and infiltration: “The National Biosafety Committee (NBC) evaluates applications for safety certificates for GM products for different uses as submitted by both domestic and foreign seed developers.” – This from: Appendix A – Regulatory Arrangements for GMOs and GM products in Australia and Australia’s Major Export Markets for Canola and Cottonseed

Natural News has this: “GM corn detected at the Wanzai Port in Zhuhai City near Macau were reportedly destroyed after being successfully intercepted by government officials, …”


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