GMO drive through cancer food; may I take your order sir?

meat belt

The GMO drive through is ripping apart America: Natural News explains the hot, cheap, and fast “pesticide food” phenomenon

Humans are like lab rats with cars and smart phones and cold hard cash for fast food “lab” stations, where they look at the pretty pictures and speak a number into a microphone, and VOILA! You get that numbered special for about 5 bucks, fast, hot and greasy sweet! Eat up fools, and see you at the hospital in a few years, or months maybe, if you pick the wrong special, like the Mick Rib or the Roast Beast. So what if you know fast food is horrible for you right? You do it anyway. Or do you? Is it a once in a while thing? Would you eat some bug killer or weed killer once in a while, if it was greasy sweet and cheap at a drive through convenience lab?

So what if you know fast food comes from sick animals, you don’t believe that stuff is passed on right, to humans who eat them, no, probably because CNN hasn’t covered any test results that came back saying that. Hey, if the FDA says it’s okay to serve, why not believe the new Nazi’s? How long did it take the German people to figure out that 6,000,000 people were missing, and probably never coming home? Did Nazi scientists invent fast food and the medicine that makes fast food poisoning worse? You might want to browse the next 3 articles and make that decision for yourself, based on top notch research. Here are the links:

Mike Adams the Health Ranger published this recently:

“Off every highway exit that has a gas station or two you see them, the CAFO huts with that drive around loop which greets you with a lit sign of “happy” meals and numbered specials with pictures for the simple-minded cravers. “Welcome to the meat and cheese cave, would you care for the number 2 e-coli mackburger today?” Drive-through USA, where you can super-size your GMO, or get a DNA buster mixed animal nugget with barbeque sauce or GM honey. Don’t spend another dollar on George W. Bush’s toxic corn that “feeds the world.” Don’t spend another dime on Barack Obama’s GMO lie, the one he said he’d label so you’d know better.” (

Learn more:


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