Mass Media Lies

uncle sam skeleton
The TV and newspapers lie regularly, now we all know!

Take a pass en mass! Mass media covers Government tyranny like it’s a tornado, one minute its hits you, then it’s over, just move on to the next story (lie). You see, people want their news fast and easy, accessible, with commercials so they can go get something to eat and learn what to buy, especially after hearing all the bad news, like bank robberies and rape in the big city. Who’s going to jail tonight? Who’s missing? What are the senators arguing about on federal hill? When are they gonna print more money?

What country are we going to bomb next? Why not, right? Doesn’t war stimulate the economy? We don’t even hear about Boston Bombing anymore, or Sandy Hook. That’s all “solved and dismissed.” Move onto hurricane news or some dad who pulled his kid from a well in the deep South. Wait, commercial break. McDonalds. Pain reliever drug. Another pain reliever. An “all new” car commercial. Run get some chips and soda from your pantry, they’re getting to the juicy story next, about some Hollywood star who cheated and has a kid with another Hollywood fool.

What happened to the news about the crooked government getting busted red handed, violating their oaths of office, and obliterating the Bill of Rights? The latest news of the crooked government of the USA is 10 times worse than any Watergate, or 9/11. This is like treason. Where is talk of impeachment? Every major news channel and the front page of every paper should have some headline like, THIS IS IT – END OF NEW WORLD ORDER or THIS IS IT, END OF PREZ REIGN OF TERROR, and you get the message. We need to “throw the tea in the harbor” people! Its poison and you’re drinking it. The mass media is poisoning the minds of the masses with lies, cover-ups and NON-COVERAGE of what’s happening.

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN: 4 three letter curse words you should never say:

Look to Alternative Media and learn the truth. Protect your family from liars. Eat organic food, store food, tune into Natural News and InfoWars and stay tuned to the truth!

Sanity will prevail!


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