The DSM LIE: Modern research works states that moods define the mental condition of an individual

According to Natural News, the latest version of American Psychiatric Association, namely Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders states that mental condition mainly depends on the mood of an individual. The expert psychiatric will follow the DSM-5 as their sole guidebook to treat those who are suffering from mental illness. But as it has been mentioned earlier as well, these research papers are claiming normal behavior as diseases. This in turn, is leading to over medication all over the country. There are large numbers of healthy people who are inappropriately over medicated for certain diseases which they actually do not possess. But Dr. Keith Ablow in Fox News, clearly states that there are nearly 160 new disorders which are mentioned in DSM-5, which actually are not any kind of disorders. This proves that now even healthy people will be prescribed with antidepressants which are quite dangerous in nature.
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It is a natural scene nowadays when people can witness the rise of psychiatry practices in order to target the Americans and also to label them as dangerous people by taking away their guns to blame the mentally sick people. This is always a winning strategy as the common people do not have the slightest clue on the ways psychiatry works. Actually, the psychiatrists are educated players who are well supported by the politicians. But now, there is an open secret which slowly bleeds into the public consciousness. There are no certain research works or laboratory tests for any mental disorder. Moreover, the mental disorders are labeled by psychiatrists who are mainly gamers.
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As per the research led by Natural News, people are now ditching the MDs and switching more and more to the naturopathic physicians who are not going to prescribe high dosed antidepressant medications.
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