Activities of top U.S. officials remain a mystery, yet FOIA can reveal everything

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The U.S. government is a conglomeration of highly mysterious people always involved in highly mysterious activities, most of which are anti people in nature. Natural News reports that top U.S. officials now use secret email accounts to hide their business from the general public. However, the law requires each and every government official to carry out his or her function in open unless it harms national security, but several officials have already started to do business under cover. The White House spokesperson has defended such a practice stating that the officials were doing nothing wrong. Get an insight of this news story at .

With the volatile issue becoming more and more clear, voices against such a practice are rising. In fact the government has failed to provide the secret e-mail addresses of top government officials when requested by the virtue of the Freedom of Information Act or the FOIA and it asked $1 million from The Associated Press that asked for the information. Officials in the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services are so far said to have secret e-mail accounts that are used on regular basis. Know more on this story at .

However, the government is bound to provide all information related to public administration and spending when asked about them through the Freedom of Information Act or the FOIA. It is a powerful tool that you can make use of to unearth all the carefully hidden documents. The government is bound to provide the information at little or no cost, and if it fails to provide the information, you can be rest assured that there must be something fishy about the situation, as has been in the case of secret e-mail accounts of U.S. officials. Know how to go with the legal procedure at .


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