Comedian Russell Brand calls out “Big Media lie” on MSNBC’s Morning Joe! Makes mockery of all 3 hosts’ total lack of intelligence

snafu (3)
Scripted “B.S.” just doesn’t work when a highly intelligent and hilarious comedian comes on your show and lets you “have it” live. It’s almost impossible sometimes for producers to just come in and shut a whole show down, or cut to commercial, when they just came back from commercial, and Russell Brand lays into these morning idiots of “business” and “fashion gossip.” Watch this video of the show and see how the show should be run, by a genius with a real opinion on real events. It was like if a funny Abe Lincoln could have sat with Communists or Nazis and talked about their hidden agenda, live on television. This was like George Carlin or Robin Williams sitting with a bunch of drunk politicians at a bar while the drunk idiots try “not” to talk about their lies, deception, scripted dogmatic crap dialogue that gets you nowhere fast, except to over to their point of view, and break into some classic rock song and go to a Big Pharma commercial.

There was no attempt to answer how THEY felt about NSA spy grid. All they did was talk about Russell’s chest hair and boots. The “Morning Joe “dolts” couldn’t handle the fast thinking, witty, sarcastic and deeply real talk about having manners on a show, not calling him the wrong NAME like “Willy” and actually having some talent to host a show. This show has a huge budget and these people cannot handle a whistle-blower talking about another whistle-blower without having a script. The hosts are just pawns in a system. Drones working at the propaganda factory.

This is a must see. If you believe anything MSNBC has to say about business, world affairs, or basically anything at all, then you are a zombie and you need advice from a Naturopathic Physician right away! Get off the junk food drugs and the MSG and get a great laugh and a taste of REALITY from this link via Natural News and check out coverage on InfoWars also: “Comedian Russell Brand terrified anchors on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program by lecturing them about how the media distracts from real news by obsessing about superficial distractions.”

“This is a hotbed of neurosis and psychosis… I’m grateful to be here,” Brand says to the other three hosts at one point, and they have zero reaction seemingly because they don’t understand the multi-syllabic words he’s using.”

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