Russell Brand rocks the mainstream media, tells everything is a cover up

brand skull
Natural News has always highlighted the fact that everything the mainstream media says is a careful concoction of lies and cover-ups that are incorporated to protect the interest of the government and the multinational companies. Now, Russell Brand also expresses a similar feeling. In an interview on MSNBC, Mr. Brand unequivocally stated that the mainstream media was nothing but a weapon for keeping people away from the truth. His cracking interview caught the hosts off guard who had no idea of what he was talking about because they had expected something else from him. In order to know more about this log on to .

A comedian by profession, Russell Brand is well known for his witty remarks that bear a stark message regarding what is happening around the world. Brand’s attack on the mainstream media dumbfounded all those who were present in the room and uncovered may facts that were carefully kept hidden from the public eyes. According to Info Wars the fact that the media works to fool people has been substantiated by Brand’s interview. In fact, it is an eye opener for many. Log on to to get a complete detail of the interview.

In light of some recent incidents, it is hard to deny the fact that everything is a cover up. For long, people have been made to believe that their email accounts and call records were confidential and were perfectly protected from abuses. But, now as it turns out that the NSA has been secretly gathering email information and call records of the general public for quite some time. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has made a bit of name of late, but he is also not beyond doubt. Prison Planet raises a lot of questions about Snowden and his activities that need to be answered. Know more at .


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