The mad, mad chase for Snowden, the NSA whistleblower

It’s on! Snowden is on the loose, but he may be heading to a country where the USA is expert at illegal extraction. Send in the money, it’s time again for U.S. to bribe some officials. Forget about doing anything legally, they might say no! Hong Kong did. Russia did. They said no to USA control tripping and whistleblower snipe-hunt. It’s a mad, mad world after all, right, and lots of Americans think its all for “our protection,” this flat out destruction of the Constitution and International respect for law and ethics. Flush all that down the toilet, the criminals who stole your privacy, your emails, they want this man, this “traitor” who told the world that NSA robbed the ultimate bank, the one of INFORMATION. Yep, you thought Google was a bunch of smart geeks who never sold out to the Man, Uncle Sam, but guess again. Microsoft and Monsanto will be “putting up the bail” money for the big payoff, to capture the new “Bin Laden” of information, that bad, bad contractor who worked for NSA for a month and ran away with a thumb drive of all your deepest, darkest secrets.

Criminals pursuing the ultimate Constitutionalist

If Obama had his way right now, he would use his drones to take out Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Eric Snowden on the same day. The FBI are like a pack of drooling hyena and wolves in the jungle, they’ve got their fangs out, and they have just got to get to Snowden, before he makes too many videos, and does some key, long interviews, maybe with Alex Jones. Infowars has been trying to tell you for years and years. Mike Adams would have some magnificent questions for Mr. Snowden. When can we see that on NaturalNewsTV? How long will the political Asylum in Ecuador last? How many interviews can Snowden get done and into the hands of the Ron Paul revolution? This has everything to do with food and medicine, organic that is. Do you know why?

The most poignant cancer prevention story ever

Did you know Mike Adams lived in Ecuador, where Snowden may be taking refuge? That’s where the US snatched up a cancer treatment genius, much like Burzynski, who could have brought his cures to the U.S. Greg Caton* was illegally stalked and then abducted, all in the name of BIG CANCER BUSINESS, and I mean that conventional food AND Western Medicine cause cancer, and this is why you should believe Eric Snowden when he says he did nothing wrong by alerting the world about their rights to privacy and personal freedom from constantly “being watched.”

*This from SEPTEMBER, 2009:

Read more about cure for cancer that doesn’t involve chemicals!

Mike Adams of Natural News writes,
“The reason all this matters is because Edward Snowden is obviously going to be a target for the criminal U.S. government (yes, an illegitimate occupying lawless government whose top people belong behind bars, not running the country).

And the reason I know this is because I am the journalist who used to live in Ecuador and who broke the bombshell story of herbalist Greg Caton being kidnapped by U.S. authorities in Ecuador in 2009. He was then stuffed onto a U.S.-bound jet at the airport in Guayaquil and flown to Miami. That full story is published here on Natural News:

Learn more:


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