Natural News tells its enthusiasts, “Don’t Eat Cancer” and “Know Your Rights”

aspartame kills
Will the computers of the future be able to quantify nutrition on a super exponential cellular level? Or will the forces of politics and big agriculture use it for more control? What is artificial intelligence, and exactly which food is artificial?

Who wants control of your mind, your body, and your paycheck? Who is seeking information and using geniuses from Google and Nasa to work in tandem for right or wrong? That is the question. Are you in line for sustainability and longevity, or are you in line for slow painful gmo mutated sickness with no personal freedom or inalienable rights? Do you eat cancer and wonder why you can’t think deeply, about anything, without stressing out?

Do you eat cancer food, full of gluten, corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol? Do you use lots of vegetable oils to cook? Do you vote for Monsanto to hold offices in FDA? Did you vote for more war and more invasions of your privacy?

Who will you protect yourself from when the quantum computers self-actualize and attack the system that built them?

Where will you be and with what kind of food, when the financial system implodes and breaks down, and inflation goes out the roof, along with food costs?

Will you eat cancer then? Will your daily consumption be mainly altered food, food made in labs, and whole foods that are infected with pesticide, herbicide, fungicide and insecticide, because GMO food is blowing over into whole foods, so you better read ALL the labels.

Get Fooducate, the phone app that’s free and tells you if food is GMO or fake just by scanning the barcode!

Get Don’t Eat Cancer, the book and read about 100’s of chemicals in food and drink that pose as food and cause cancer.

Read about “The New Quantum Artificial Intelligence Initiative”

This is huge! Read these links and keep your eyes open for more coverage
on the natural news network of millions waking up to personal empowerment and health freedom*

Can you be extracted out of your home, with no warrant, by police and taken to a FEMA camp for re-education, right now, in 2013, under the new NSA national safety program of complete surveillance 24/7/365 of every American, even if you are not suspected of anything at all?

Is there a constitution anymore, or did Obama write new legislation to nullify all Bill of Rights, rights to privacy, rights to lawyer, jury, judge, phone call, and more?

Learn more:

Stay tuned for updates on natural news tracker too!

When Obama says anything, just know and expect the opposite:

Transparency means you will see nothing, and know nothing, unless he gets caught.

National security means DHS rolling through your neighborhood with tanks and military swat teams pulling people out of their homes whenever they feel like it.

Patriot Act and NSA mean all phone calls and emails are monitored for extracting anyone who bucks the system.

Find out how you can be a part of natural news and remain an intelligent human being with rights and a constitution!

Natural News has this to say, “Since these disclosures, some U.S. lawmakers have actually objected to the NSA’s widespread surveillance and the FISA court’s overly broad “authorizations” and are offering up legislation aimed at “increasing the transparency” of the FISA court (though House and Senate intelligence oversight committees should already be requiring this). Such legislation would have to have overly broad support from both chambers of Congress to make it into law should it pass Obama will veto it.”


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