UK Parliament hypocrasy: serve “peons” GMO while government officials dine organic only

Natural News is covering this: The UK Parliament serves their whole country of peons GMO, but they keep that cancer causing nightmare away from the Queen and her Cabinet!

The self-appointed ELITE in UK reject GMO on their plates, but serve it up to the people, the peons, the innocent, and the toll paying oppressed. GMO is genocidal persecution of the deadliest kind, basically feeding people bug killer and weed killer inside of food, so they can’t wash it off, and their organs cannot cleanse their body of it, not at least before cancer cells mutate, multiply and take over some vital organ, or breast, or prostate gland. This is worse than overtaxing, or religious persecution, this is undercover tyranny and genocide. Obama and Michelle do the same exact thing. They push GMO pesticide food on the masses while they eat strictly organic. Natural News has covered this also:

Michelle maintains her little heavily guarded white house garden and eats organic foods while her husband hires Monsanto to run the FDA and make the whole country one big cancer infected medical wasteland for Big Pharma profits. Now we see the same thing going on in England. The Parliament dines at strictly organic restaurants, knowing good and well biotech food means eating pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, insect DNA, worm killer, digestion destroying chemicals that actually form inside the human body and dissolve nutrition, destroying any hope for good long term health. We’re not just talking about dead food anymore, we’re talking about dying people who eat pesticide food, mostly unknowingly, as their leaders who approve it avoid it at all costs. Share this story with your family, your friends, your relatives, your co-workers and the world. Spread the word. Only grass roots efforts to end the GMO nightmare will conquer this genocidal crime that’s taking place in the USA and England right now.

Mike Adams has continued coverage on Natural News. Tune into the NON-GMO world of natural news enthusiasts for more:
“”GM crops are not the solution to the food challenges we face,” says Clare Oxborrow from Friends of the Earth, countering the blatant dissimulation being propagated by corrupt individuals like Paterson. “They are largely being developed to benefit multinational biotech firms that are gaining control of the seed industry, not to feed poor people in developing countries.”

“While First Lady Michelle Obama digs up the White House lawn to plant an organic garden, her husband promotes a GMO agenda within his administration. “You know, in my household, over the last year we have just shifted to organic,” she said in a New Yorker interview during Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign”


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