The immigration bill is now cataloguing American citizens

There is completely different news coverage coming from Natural News and the TV, where the TV strictly aims at fooling the masses with the new “immigration bill.” Natural News is covering the hidden agenda here. You see, even if the Senate passes the immigration bill many have come up with the debate about whether the undocumented workers will be granted amnesty or not. On the other hand, everyone is quite distracted and the argument dealing with amnesty has now concealed the rotten and sinister core of the new legislation. There is a provision which is embedded in this bill and according to this provision; all the American workers must possess a bio metric ID card. As per the news bite from the New York Times all the photographs, driver license and also the biometric information of the Americans can be assessed with the help of computer network of Department of Homeland Security.
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Now the NSA spy scandal has reached its ultimatum which is evoking highest fears of the U.S government. The main whistleblower that was behind the PRISM slides has again stepped forward and offered a mind blowing interview to Glenn Greenwald, who in turn, broke this phenomenal inside story in The Guardian. The Natural News reporters have also copied the video from The Guardian and have also placed it on in order to make sure that the video safely reaches on network which can never be censored by top notch companies like Microsoft, Google, YouTube or even Yahoo. These companies are conspired with NSA that offers all the private documents of the users to the spooks of the government.
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In order to get a live reporting on the immigration bill and also the effects it has caused, Natural News brings some scandalous hidden agenda.
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