Golden Corral employee posts whistleblower video of meat being stored by dumpsters during safety inspection

zombie apocalypse (2)
Do you like dead flies and maggots on your baby back ribs? Do you rub your burgers on a bathroom floor next to the toilet before you put them in the pan? Do you like e-coli and the effects it has on your body? What about salmonella poisoning? Do you think that’s kinda funny? A lot of lazy, overweight Americans frequent Golden Corral and “pig out” on the dumpster food and then go home and watch TV (some people with diabetes even do this), and then they fall sick, within days, or a week or a month, or whenever, and there’s no cure for GCP (Golden Corral Poisoning) when you put it down your throat, every time you have $14 to spare, or, if you have kids that are still able to walk or be wheeled to the corral, they get in for about half that price and can work the buffet all night long, with you, and you can go home and watch TV together. The saddest part of the golden corral dumpster food video/breaking inside look/whistleblowing TRUTH is that these people who eat this are playing Russian roulette every time, because this may not just be a “bad example” of what’s going on here, this may be the BEST CASE SCENARIO of EVERY restaurant like this in Corporate and Franchise driven America, cutting corners for inspections, paying off inspectors, hiding the food with the piss and maggots behind the dumpsters, and serving it all up to the dumb lazy junk science addicted masses, who are all ok with getting cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and they’re ready to “accept” a stroke or heart attack as “part of life’s misfortune.”

Here’s Brandon Huber who rocketed to fame as a fast food whistleblower! Here are some of the stills from the video, just in case they pull the video:

Mike Adams, the Natural News Editor, has this to say about this phenomenal man who blew the whistle on FAST FOOD and made history in the summer of 2013! Share this info with everyone you know:

“… the far more important question in all this is now that Brandon Huber has become a whistleblower who exposes the darkest secrets of American society, will Venezuela grant him political asylum?”

REMEMBERING THE PINK SLIME INFILTRATION: Golden Corral is just the epitome here, typical food pollution across the board when it comes to serving up American disease food, full of GMO oils, wheat, and corn sugar. Pesticide food is consumed in masse by the addicted zombies of junk science, and they don’t really care if you store it next to dumpsters, or put rotting animal connective tissue, hooves, brains and eyeballs in it, as long as it tastes sweet and greasy, and they don’t have to prepare it or clean up afterwards.

Also, remember when this headline broke: “Pink slime beef producer sues ABC News for $1.2 billion over report exposing sickening beef industry practices”

Learn more:

Oh wait, did you think this was all a bad rumor, or a health hoax, or a dubbed truth? You want a good source on all this, don’t you? Here you go:


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