Bisphenol-A and other chemicals hurting human health

bleach food
According to Natural News report, for the last couple of years, through media headlines, people are familiar with the term Bisphenol-A (BPA) or xenoestrogen. BPA is used in some plastics to make water bottles and even baby bottles. It is also used in making beverage cans as well as compact disc. Its ill effects are found in humans of all age-groups and it is reported to be responsible for diabetes, obesity, neurological defects and even cancer. In a journal titled the Environmental Health Preservatives, researchers from the University of Texas have opined that BPA free products are also toxic and can pose serious health risks to human beings. Know more of this at .

Thanks to the excessive use of such harmful chemicals in foods and drinks that one fourth of America’s total male population is now suffering from hormonal decline. According to a Natural News report, testosterone, which is responsible for imparting the masculine characteristics in men, is now being reported to exist in low levels in a large number of American men. Jim LaValle, R.Ph., MS., C.C.N., says it is normal for this hormone to decline with increase in age, but the problem is a large number of young males, mostly in their 30’s and even 20’s are reporting lower than normal levels of testosterone. Read the complete story at .
However, the health tragedy does not end here for American people. In fact, it is now being reported that cancer in the U.S. attacks one in two men and one in every three women. It may sound bizarre but it is the truth that the food habits in modern life are largely responsible for the spread of cancer. More than seventy thousand chemicals are used in food and beverages that are capable of breeding cancer in human body. If you want to know more visit .


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