ALL THE PEOPLE I KNOW, THEY WANT TO BE HEALTHY. They ask me questions when they see me buying healthy food, smiling, staying in shape, and they comment on my blogs, helping me help them, which is one of my favorite things to do. When people see you smiling for “no apparent reason” they wanna know what you’re up to, what you do for a living, and mainly, what you’re eating. They wanna know if there’s a magic food, some Super food I’m consuming on a regular basis, and then want to know if I’m authentic. If I’m really like this all the time, in other words. Well, I can’t say I’m like this all the time, but I can say I’m in shape, I’m happy, and I love writing about the “organic” way of being.

What scares me most is GMO, vaccines, fluoride in water and artificial sweeteners. The latest is that Big Food wants to redefine milk and meat to include aspartame and GMO without any label whatsoever. No warnings of antibiotics, hormones, or cancer causing fake sugar. People are being “dumbed down” so they won’t use their critical thinking skills, and people are generally unhappy, worried, stressed and asking lots of questions of the people who aren’t. They want an escape, and they suspect it has something to do with the food they eat on a regular basis, but they don’t know where to go from there. They are stuck. They’re stuck stooopid and their nerves are wrecked. The aspartame, monosodium glutamate, gluten and mercury in their blood and teeth (fillings) has them reeling, stuck in a cycle, but their soul is still alive, wishing life were more creative, energetic, surprising, and longer! Yes, we are not afraid of getting old, my friends, we are afraid of not loving living. There are plenty of people who live past 100 and look great, feel great, and are loving life. It’s a fact:

What’s juicing, they ask me? What’s Superfood?

What are you so happy about? Do you grow your own food? Did you learn that from the Health Ranger on Natural News? Why do you always list Natural News references in your blogs, they ask me:

How come you knock Western Medicine so often in your writing?

What are good natural remedies and who is the Global Remedy Investigator?

Have you ever read anything written by Mike Adams, the Editor of
Do you know he is very spiritual and intelligent, and one of the most sharing people on the planet? His information on health and longevity run deep. Check out this article and see what you think:

“The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world (and achieve spiritual victory in the process)”

Mike Adams breaks it down for everyone; straightforward and simple to begin this process:
• Don’t drink the (fluoridated) tap water
• Don’t take antidepressants and other mind-altering drugs
• Don’t watch broadcast television
• Don’t smoke pot or use other drugs that numb the mind

Learn more:

There is an art to staying healthy and having natural energy every day. It’s a fun art. I enjoy reading labels and ingredients and filtering out every known toxin from my intake. It’s fun to find food criminals and call them out! I do it every day. I could name 100 food criminals in 3 minutes if you asked me to. Dangerous food additives are lurking in today’s world, and consumers expect the food they buy to be colorful, tasty, textured just right and easy to make, buy, or clean up. Quick food! Fast food! Diet food! There are foaming agents and food coloring helping people acquire Alzheimer’s young. The Blaylock Wellness Report exposes major health issues concerning food additives, including nitrates, sulfites and food dyes.


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