Ropits – a new technological marvel of this generation

According to Natural News, Hitachi has launched a new self driving car for the disabled so that they can do their regular shopping in a convenient manner. All this is made possible with the help of a few buttons and their touch screen. The Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport System – or Ropits designed for the disabled and the elderly has taken into account all the features so that one can drive around a bump, potholes or pedestrians. This car comes with a GPS device for an idea of the terrain where one is using it and also has stereo cameras in the front so that one can check out the obstacles in their path of travel. This vehicle also has a 3D laser distance sensor.
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The crash of flight number 214 at San Francisco airport, brought to light a significant issue. The airplanes are no longer flown by “real” pilots, but rather those who work as pilots nowadays have all the required technical knowledge but lack the skill and expertise of flying a plane. As a result this automated flying is bound to crash.

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The sad scenario is that very few are realizing this. Majority of us are overwhelmed by the technological advancements made by man. But in the garb of these advancements we are actually harming our future only but putting the life of so many people at risk. We need to have a proper balance between technology and properly skilled people who can use this technology for our betterment instead of putting our lives at risk.
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