Does your 401K really exist? Maybe your government spent it and you’ll never see a dime

We are not talking about Cypress here, or Greece, or Spain, or Communist China, no, we are talking about Detroit and people who may never see any of their life’s savings they plugged into a retirement account. Why? The city went bankrupt. Ooops. And where is that money, that actual CASH money you tucked away? Where is that hard earned money that your company said they were matching? One of the greatest ponzi schemes EVER could be upon every hard working American who has a retirement account which is controlled by their beloved city, or corporation, or government entity. That money is gone and doesn’t even exist right now for people living in Detroit, the motor city. Yep, that same city Obama saved, and those same CEOs that tripled or quadrupled their own salaries and bonuses before jumping ship just a handful of years ago. Bailouts mean the Feds print money and hand it to their friends, cohorts, lobbyists, and CEOs who promise to launder some back to the politicians “running the show.” Chapter 11 bankruptcy makes you irresponsible for anything you owe, to ANYBODY, my friends. That’s why they put penalties on withdrawing money from your own account, it’s not to help you be responsible, it’s to help themselves to it, so they can be irresponsible. Your money is gone, spent on luxury vacations where politicians stay at the Ritz Carlton and buy $100 steaks and drink “only the best” wine. But that’s ok, because the American patriots, those other hard working Americans will “come together” in times of crisis, like they always do, and pay the tab. Everyone will save the distraught, the “unlucky,” the broke retirees who paid into the system their whole lives, pretax dollars too, and tucked away that 401K, that IRA roth, that “safe” investment portfolio of stable companies, and the broke senior citizens who had social security deducted from every paycheck since they were 16 years old, money they could have invested in something real, like fertile land, or an organic food store, or natural remedies and a solar power, wind powered home!

this on “Legal Insurrection:”
“As a former citizen of the Detroit area, I simply shake my head, as the city’s race-based politics and poor business environment caused me to flee to the Golden State over 20 years ago. Subsequently, the continued devastation caused by the entrenched Democratic oligarchy is such that it makes a Somali exile long for his home country …”

“If Obama intervened in Detroit, he would have to intervene across the country, setting a new precedent of the federal government bailing out cities. And if that happened, you would see dozens, maybe hundreds, of cities declaring bankruptcy as a way to get federal funds. Thousands of cities everywhere, even financially sound ones, would become even more fiscally reckless, especially on pensions, assuming that, no matter what happened, the feds would bail them out.”

Wave bye bye to those 401k’s America. It’s coming. The financial TSUNAMI. That is why Obama and the Department of Homeland Security is spending billions of dollars buying automatic weapons, hollow point bullets, urban tanks and sellout cops, because they need the domestic firepower to shoot down all the old people who storm the “capital” when they lose everything they earned their whole lives, the “nest egg” that they thought was safe.

Here’s the complete coverage on Natural News,

“Last week, Detroit declared bankruptcy, becoming the largest city in U.S. history to take such drastic action in the face of financial insolvency. A declaration of bankruptcy isn’t what most people think it is, though: it’s not just a statement of “we’re broke!” It’s actually a way for the city to clear its slate of all financial obligations and not pay the retirees it owes.”

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