GM Crops and the high level of glyphosate is more harmful than imagined – increases the chances of having Cancer!

According to Natural News, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has raised the level of glyphosate, from 20 parts to 40ppm, allowed in flax, sesame, soybeans and so on whereas in potatoes and carrots the level has been raised from 0.2ppm to 3ppm which is coming close to 15 to 25 times higher compared to the previous level. For the layman it may not mean anything serious. But in reality it is. The increased level of glyphosate increases the chances of cancer in an individual by 50%. Not only this, but it also affects the tolerance level of agricultural food products including those of animals as well as various fruits.
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Even the use of genetically modified foods has added to the situation. Unlike what was claimed in the beginning, it is seen that these crops require more pesticides to generate higher yield. And the pesticides used are such that even if you wash the vegetables properly and cook them in high heat, they remain and are powerful enough to give rise to cancer cells in one’s body. Many of us are not aware of this nor are the sellers of these crops telling us anything. As a result we are getting more prone to cancer day by day.
As states “The new EPA regulation allow ‘oilseed’ crops such as flax, canola, and soybean oil to contain glyphosate at levels up to 40 parts per million up from 20, which is over 100,000 times the concentration needed to induce the growth of human breast cancer cells in vitro,”

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