Super food, a nutrition supplement with all the important elements that helps to keep diseases at bay

According to Natural News, in order to remain healthy and fit in spite of the adversities (which includes being stranded on an empty desert and all) one should take Super food. This superfood is a combination of different green foods that gives this product a super nutritional value. This supplement should be a combination of Chlorella, Spirulina, Quinoa, Wheat grass, Flax seeds and Sprouts. All these elements help to fight different types of diseases and are also suitable for those individuals who suffer from cancer or heart diseases.
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However research shows that chlorella is not contamination free. A test done by Natural News revealed that majority of them were contaminated and were not safe for contamination even though they had the required Certifications. As per the research Chlorella from China is the most contaminated while the one from Taiwan is the safest. But this is hardly sold in U.S.A. because of their high cost.
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Of the different elements mentioned in the Super food supplement Spirulina is the safest as it is the most nutritious plant-like organisms known to humans. This element has a high immune boosting capacity that can easily fight any disease and enhance cellular functioning that helps to keep cancer at bay. Although it is not a healing agent for all types of diseases but it has high dietary features with healing properties that make it an attractive element of the Super foods. It helps to fight fatigue, obesity, depression and even memory loss.
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