Doctors in New York PRESCRIBE fresh fruits and vegetables for obese patients; FDA furious!

OMG! Will the AMA be coming to take away doctor’s licenses and suspend them? Will the rogue Obama Feds be raiding the medicine lockers of doctors in New York and shutting down their practice in the name of furthering disease? Will the FDA sue New York doctors for literally writing a prescription for organic food and local farmer’s market foods that Natural News enthusiasts know CURES obesity, disorders and most diseases? Will these doctors be “put down” like injured horses or sick dogs for their sanity, proper ethics, and common sense approach to curing obesity?

Look, up there in New York, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no … it’s overweight people getting healthy from normal food! You heard it right, doctors are writing prescriptions for fruits and vegetables and in the form of credits, because New York is footing the bill, so these overweight or obese patients can simply redeem their fruit and vegetable “medication papers” at their local farmer’s markets! 140 markets are approved for this already! You may have to read that twice to believe it, but it’s true. Natural News has the full coverage of this beautiful awakening of doctors prescribing food for healing: “This program makes New York City the largest U.S. city to officially acknowledge that fruits and vegetables have a role to play in preventing chronic degenerative disease.”

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Will the Feds start using drones to shoot down farmer’s markets? Just how many doctors are doing this, and in how many cities and states in the U.S.? This could be “contagious” and catch on fast. What if everyone gets the phone app “fooducate” and starts scanning barcodes of everything they buy, and all GMO food gets a warning label, and allopathic doctors actually wake up and learn some ethics and start prescribing food that heals instead of pharmaceuticals that kill? Mike Adams of Natural News has a grand idea: What if SNAP food stamps become useable for organic food only? Can you imagine the decline of disease and disorder in America? It would be instantaneous! Push for this program where you live and post to social media everything you find about it! This is huge. The Health Ranger asks, “What if we took the federal SNAP program and turned the entire thing into the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program?”


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