The Zombie Apocalypse is alive in Oakland and the politicians MUST take away their sticks and stones!

Yes, folks, more REAL news about stuff you only see in movies, but this is happening on the streets of Oakland, and in the news room, and at courtroom “discussion” tables. More REAL news about a POLICE STATE trying to disarm the masses. This is just another example, like Boston, of a “reason” to disarm all people who might freak out when the financial apocalypse comes home to roost, in the land of the free. I can hear the politicians now, sitting at a round table somewhere just outside of Oakland, maybe at their little convention center set up with a buffet of organic food. It goes something like this, “We need to ban anything that can be used as a weapon against street police, so we go in and we make an example of Oakland, and example we use as a “precedent case” for the whole country later. Same with the DHS home invasion after Boston, all in search of some crazy teenager they had on their terror radar. We’ve all been on terror radar since 9/11! So here’s Oakland, the new city where you might not be able to walk the streets with a cane or an umbrella, for fear you can use that as a weapon in the next protest, or gangbang, or political uprising. Hey America, watch THIS on the NEWS, so you will be CONDITIONED to understand you are under Martial Law right now, we just haven’t enforced it on a MASS scale.

Oakland to ban hammers, wrenches, tripods, walking canes, shields and other ‘tools of vandalism’

Natural News has coverage: “… the Oakland City Council is considering a proposed ordinance that would criminalize the possession of everyday objects, including objects of professional tradesmen such as hammers, large screwdrivers, walking canes and mechanic’s tools.”

Learn more:

Who did you vote for in the last Presidential election, was it the guy who ran on Big Government, destruction of the Bill of Rights, empowering Wall Street and Big Pharma, or did you vote for the guy who ran on Big Government, destruction of the Bill of Rights, empowering Wall Street and Big Pharma? Wait, what’s that? You didn’t know they were BOTH for those? Yes complete control is the name of the game and Oakland and Boston are just precursors my friends, and the TWO PARTY SYSTEM is really a One Party System with two sides, who both represent all the same major corporations, biotechnology, a corrupt vaccine industry, and the pollution of the environment for money. Both “Administrations” are full of sociopaths who collect a cult of cohorts and sell you on the exact opposite of what they will do when they win office.

Start supporting Ron Paul again and protect your Constitution. Natural News reveals the truth for health and freedom enthusiasts.

Let’s get back to basics. The truth and nothing but the truth.


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