Over 900 MILLION POUNDS of weed killer “RoundUp” dumped on Earth yearly

If you don’t know by now, France “blew the whistle” on RoundUp!’ France reveals truth about Glyphosate in RoundUp ending up in the human gut and destroying the human body’s ability to fight off other attacks from virus, bacteria, and even common food chemicals. Regulations of limits on American soil are almost nil, and it;s freaking out millions of people who are waking up to GMO/Monsanto/RoundUp dire health consequences. Here are the main areas of concern (besides getting cancer and dying):

WEAKENED IMMUNITY: Herbicides target plants. That is the excuse used by the manufacturers (and regulators) of this cancer breeding “mechanism” of the weed killing industry, who could care less about humans whining and complaining they’re getting cancer, especially because you can’t “prove it.” After all, they’re the ones running the “safety” tests. Good luck trying to research or figure out how they got those test results. Herbicides don’t kill your grass, so it’s safe to use on your own yard, where you garden even! – Lie.

Weed killer weakens your immunity, so every other head cold, flu, allergy, bacteria from bad meat, aspartame, msg, sorbitol, sucralose and flu shot can infect your system without resistance, since you’re “down” and susceptible. It’s all about susceptibility folks. They allow these insane levels of RoundUp in fields where the crops already have RoundUp in the seeds, and they spray about 10 times the amount than usual because the bugs and weeds are growing prolific resistance. Mother Nature is actually winning the RoundUp war.

DEPRESSION: They say the studies aren’t definitive, but they “found a link” to depression. Yes, crawl in the rat cage at the lab and live on the RoundUp feed for a week, with nothing else but a little fluoridated water to drink, and see how YOU feel. What’s that on your neck, it looks like a tumor? We should investigate that right now:

“Shock findings in new GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow horrifying tumors, 70% of females die early”

Natural News has full coverage of this:

“As chemical companies manufacture their own falsified studies on the safety of their weed killers, herbicides like Roundup are used liberally and without caution. The glyphosate weedkillers like Roundup are now dumped into the Earth at the rate of 900 million pounds annually, creating a toxic, chemical environment. These chemicals not only destroy the beneficial bacteria in the human gut, weakening human immune systems, but they’re also being tied to factors involved in depression.”

Learn more


You can’t make this stuff up:

Here’s the Reuter’s coverage and link to article: Natural News enthusiasts share this on line:

“Farmers who used weedkillers were more than twice as likely to be treated for depression than farmers who didn’t use the chemicals in a new study from France.”




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