“Ass Backwards” British Drug Industry makes drug combinations first then decides what they treat

Just like in the United States, where doctors are “sold” new useless drugs for “perks” in order to prescribe their patients whatever Big Pharma has to offer, Great Britain is engaging in behind the scenes corruption, where academia research and private firms are working hand in hand to deliver bogus drugs for the most popular diseases, all in the guise of helping the masses pay for their own sicknesses with their own money, even though the cures for those sickness are already found. In the U.S., for over a 75 years now, pharmaceutical companies have been concocting useless chemical combinations administered in pill form (or even vaccines sometimes) that cover up symptoms while furthering the core of the problem/disorder/disease. This is big money big pharma and there’s no ethics, no morals, and barely any testing for dangerous outcomes, as the industry can tolerate just about any lawsuit and keep charging forward. Now the pursuit of useless chemical treatments has gained “new” ground overseas, where they have jumped on the bandwagon of using taxpayer money to pay for chronic care and fake research to further the Western Medicine “approach” to prescription sickness. It’s basically new uses for failed drugs, just like in the U.S., as reported earlier this year by Natural News:

Here’s the latest story: MRC, Medical Research Council, is drumming up public (taxpayer) funds to hand to AstraZenica, London based “Big Pharma” giant, to experiment with new drugs for Alzheimer’s and Cancer, two diseases mainly caused by food chemicals. What’s the end goal? Sell a lot of useless drugs without spending a dime of private or corporate funds on research, in fact,
the research may only include researching which doctors want to prescribe them first without question or testing animals. With massive cuts to the neuroscience staff, AstraZeneca is the new reckless R&D, research and development arm, of the drug industry, which uses “Academia” as a front for its research, which basically means they have their own “AMA” in their back pocket.



Natural News has coverage: “Reuters reports that AstraZeneca has made available to British academic researchers a slew of compounds that, as of yet, have no formidable uses within the drug industry, but that will be investigated using taxpayer dollars for the purpose of turning them into marketable drugs.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041459_Big_Pharma_academia_profit_agenda.html#ixzz2apwrx2Ri


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