Weed killers are more harmful than beneficial – The harsh reality!

According to Natural News, genetically modified corn is so harmful that a test conducted on rats revealed horrifying results. Trace levels of Monsanto’s Roundup chemical fertilizer are so harmful that the rats developed tumors, had widespread organ damage and experienced premature death. It is considered to be the most thorough research done on health effects of GM food crops and the effect of the herbicide, Roundup, on rats. The tumors were so large that in some cases, the rats experienced difficulty in breathing. So we can well imagine its harmful effects on man.
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The majority of Big Agra companies are refusing to accept the reports and are circulating their own falsified reports highlighting the safety of the different weed killers that they use, including Roundup. They are trying to downplay the harmful effects of these chemicals while nearly 900 million pounds are dumped annually into the Earth’s soil, which in turn is giving rise to a toxic and chemical environment. These chemicals are so harmful that they are not only responsible for destroying the beneficial bacteria found in the human gut, but are also weakening our immune system, thereby making us weak and susceptible to depression.

As per new research conducted in France, yearlong exposure to weed killers can lead to a serious issue called farmers’ depression. The researchers are, however, unable to trace a direct link between the cause and effect. But their study clearly shows how certain factors like age can lead to excessive smoking, thereby heightening the effects of this harmful weed killer.
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