Teenager on Canadian Talk Show accused by host of supporting death of third world kids just for supporting GMO labeling

You know how kids call out the truth in black and white. This is the epitome of a teenager pointing out the obvious in the most intelligent way possible. This girl tells the talk show host exactly why all GMO food should be questioned, and why it should ALL be labeled, and why humans should choose to filter it out of their intake. This is common sense brought to the forefront by a brilliant girl who’s been exposing GMO since she was 12 years old, leading marches, appearing on talk shows, and standing up for what’s natural and pure in this world. This is a must see video and an article to share with everyone you know. Check out the clip on Natural News and watch this teenager destroy a cocky, arrogant host who tries to dismantle her stance but fails to do so. Watch a realist, idealist, and dreamer make the most of her opportunity to tell the world and warn them about GMO. She keeps reverting back to the fact that only the manufacturers and toxin breeders are the ones testing the dangers of genetically modifying food, and those tests are only a couple months long, at best. What’s the long term danger? Over 15,000 people have shared this article on their Facebook pages already. Click here to read and watch this internet sensation expose GMO!


And watch her video debate with Kevin O’Leary at TV.naturalnews.com:


Risk #1) Human health side effects. What is the effect of GM crops on humans who eat them? Will they cause organ damage? Infertility? Unforeseen side effects?

Risk #2) Genetic pollution. Will the artificially engineered genes spread through the crops grown in the wild, altering them in unforeseen ways and possibly creating new genetic vulnerabilities that could lead to sudden crop failures? Is GMO a world wide “Dust Bowl?”

Risk #3) Ecosystem devastation. How will GMO crops interact with insect pests and pollinators? Will GMOs also alter insects and make them more resistant to natural plant defense mechanisms in non-GMO crops? We’ve already seen how the use of Roundup — the herbicide commonly used on GM crops — has resulted in the rise of “superweed” that require enormous quantities of herbicide chemicals to eradicate.



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