Fake sugar invading your cells! Not just Aspartame, Sucralose and Sorbitol, but now you must also look for Ace-K!

What’s Ace-K? Sounds like some inner city drug dealers’ special of the week. Is that some form of a narcotic, or is it just some lab concocted sweetener chemical that tastes 200 times as sweet as regular. Its close by choice again, would you like pesticide laden corn syrup or lab made rat killing artificial sweet stuff? Which diet works better for you, the one that gives you cancer and digestive disorders, or the one that gives you cancer and digestive disorders, you choose.

Natural News digs deep into this one, another important WARNING about chemical sweeteners:

“Acesulfame-K is not the same thing as Aspartame, but quite often, BOTH are found in the same products. Reported side effects of “sweet devil” Acesulfame-K are frightening: “Long term exposure to methylene chloride can cause nausea, headaches, mood problems, impairment of the liver and kidneys, problems with eyesight and possibly cancer. Acesulfame-K may contribute to hypoglycemia.” (http://www.fitday.com)

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041510_Acesulfame-K_methylene_chloride_carcinogen.html#ixzz2bDHcbOdA

And I know all you science buffs out there are saying that humans aren’t the same as rats, and just because most of the rats fed this stuff get huge cancer tumors and die early, that doesn’t mean humans will or do or did. Sure. Except that our DNA is only 1% different. Check it that’s a scientific fact. So how do humans process Aspartame and Acesulfame-K? We don’t. Your body takes it in, tries to use it, it gets lost, stuck in organs, intestines and the brain. Rotting. Turning good cells into warped cells with no off switch.

READ THIS LONG TERM STUDY ON GMO: “As a shocking new study has graphically shown, GMOs are the new thalidomide. When rats eat GM corn, they develop horrifying tumors. Seventy percent of females die prematurely, and virtually all of them suffer severe organ damage from consuming GMO. These are the scientific conclusions of the first truly “long-term” study ever conducted on GMO.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037262_gmo_monsanto_debate.html#ixzz2bDLLvk7t
How do you eat cancer?

There’s a book on cancer prevention called Don’t Eat Cancer. It guides you through all the major food criminal “categories” like white foods, fluoride water, GMO, gluten, and then talks about cosmetics, skin care, personal care items, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and drugs in meat, and the book exposes heavy metals and food fed to children and infants that warps the cells and fuels this preventable disease. You can link to a preview page here:

Don’t Eat Cancer is cancer prevention at its best! Learn about toxins approved by the FDA as food. Learn quickly how to identify toxins in drinks, candy, gum, cosmetics, lotions, and even cigarettes. Adjust your consumption habits instantly!

Always choose organic food and exercise and you can’t go wrong! It’s not more expensive either. ORGANIC IS CHEAPER price when you couple together the other choice combo – GMO and Obamacare.

Visit the Natural News store for the best organic supplements like Spirulina and the world’s best Chlorella, inspected by Mike Adams the Health Ranger:

Link instantly here: http://store.naturalnews.com/

CHLORELLA! http://store.naturalnews.com/Chlorella_c_51.html


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